Prof Lorna Hardwick at TRIVIUM

TRIVIUM is a new interdisciplinary research network hosted by the Institute of Classical Studies.

The series opens with a lecture by Professor Lorna Hardwick
Time: 4:30
Location: Room 246, Senate House, London, WC1E 7HU

Jan 14 – ‘Hijackings, interruptions and conversations in classical reception research: can the dialogical argument cope?’

Abstract: This paper looks (sometimes irreverently) at some of the most influential models that have been used to try to discipline Classical reception research and seeks to assess how and what they contribute, both to the clarity of individual case studies and to the coherence and validity of the over-arching frameworks that are sometimes used to bring together different aspects of the field. I shall discuss how aspirations can sometimes become mantras and how overt practices can sometimes modify or subvert covert theory.

At the core of my discussion is evaluation of claims that what is ‘classical’ about classical reception research and teaching is (or should be) the establishment of a dialogue between the ancient texts and images and subsequent receptions. Such claims and assumptions recur in many rationales (including some of my own….).

The purpose of this paper is to subject such claims to closer scrutiny, including consideration of how they are situated temporally and spatially. I begin with identification and analysis of a range of examples and discuss their implications – both for the status and dynamics of the ancient texts and the post-classical material and for the concepts and methods brought to bear by scholars and practitioners. After evaluating possible bases for the ‘dialogical argument’ (including aspiration and practice as well as theory), I argue that if such arguments are to have any substance in the face of objections, they need to be radically reformulated.

The Trivium research network aims to highlight the potential for collaborative research in Classical Reception Studies and the humanities, present a range of models and methods, and generate dialogue between scholars working in adjacent but otherwise segregated fields.

Trivium committe: Anastasia Bakogianni (The Open University), Helen Slaney (Oxford) and Henry Stead (KCL)

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