AHRC CHASE PhD Studentships in Arts and Humanities

AHRC PhD Studentships in the Arts and Humanities
The Open University
Faculty of Arts
Deadline: 31 January 2014

AHRC CHASE PhD Studentships
The Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding through the Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East (CHASE). CHASE is matching AHRC funding of £17m and will be awarding more than 375 AHRC-studentships over a five-year period starting in 2014/15. Up to 75 studentships are available across the consortium for autumn 2014 entry.

CHASE AHRC studentships are available to UK and EU residents at the Open University in the Faculty’s subject areas. These are:
Art History
Classical Studies
English (including Creative Writing)
Religious Studies

Awards for UK residents include fees and stipend, while EU residents are eligible for fees only.
Details and application forms are available at AHRC CHASE PhD Studentships

Please see the Faculty’s Research Areas and Academic Profiles for more information about staff research interests and current PhD projects.

Applications are through the standard Open University form in the first instance. For further particulars please see http://www.open.ac.uk/employment.

For advice on applying contact the Research Degrees Team at +44 (0)1908 654882 or research-degrees-office@open.ac.uk

Doctoral Study in Arts and Humanities at The Open University
The Faculty of Arts is internationally recognized for innovative research across the range of its subject areas, including the study of literary, philosophical and visual texts and their reception; the historical investigation of policing, science and religion; and the exploration of performance in music and drama. Much work is focused on the United Kingdom (with strong interests in the national histories and cultures of Ireland, Scotland and Wales) but there is also considerable expertise relating to mainland Europe, Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Several major AHRC-funded projects are based in the Faculty. We have a strong vision for developing successful interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and a commitment to ensuring that our research effectively informs not only our own teaching, but a wider process of knowledge exchange with cultural and heritage partners.

Equal Opportunity is University Policy.

About ouartsfaculty

The Arts Faculty of The Open University is a world leader in supported Open Learning, and one of the best institutions in the world for arts and humanities. You can follow us on Twitter @OUArtsFaculty and on Facebook.
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