Major OU BBC landmark series ‘History of the World’

A major collaboration between the OU, the BBC and the Discovery Channel in the USA, the biggest exploration of human history since the BBC’s landmark series Civilisation, hits the screens on BBC One on 23 September.

The programme has been years in the making, involving Arts Faculty academic consultants including Dr Chris Williams (History), Prof Phil Perkins (Prof of Archaeology), Dr Aaron Alzola-Romero (Classical Studies), Dr Annika Mombauer (History), and Dr Colin Chant (History).

Andrew Marr’s History of the World is an epic journey through the explosive events, changes, conflicts and triumphs that shaped 70,000 years of human history.

From our earliest beginnings in Africa, Marr traces the story of our nomadic ancestors as they spread out around the world and settled down to become the first farmers and townspeople. From our origins in Africa, global colonization and battles with nature to the first farmers and the emergence of religion and philosophy; from the rise of empires, brutal wars, revolutions in blood and iron to astonishing discoveries and the wonders of the digital age, Marr charts the major turning points, decisive moments and pivotal questions – questions with which we’re still grappling now.

With spectacular images, compelling characters and incisive narration, this is an epic journey through human history and the story of the world we live in today, featuring dramatic reconstruction, documentary filming around the world and cutting-edge computer graphics.

The series begins wih ‘Survival’, with subsequent episodes on ‘Age of Empire’, ‘The Word and the Sword’, ‘Into the Light’, ‘Age of Plunder’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Age of Industry’, ending with the ‘Age of Extremes’. A free booklet will be available, produced by the OU and BBC.

Find out more about the programme on the BBC website

Find out more about History, Archaeology, Classical Studies and other subjects at the OU on our website

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