Social Science Bites Launch

The social world is a world we create, that we all have in common. In this new series of illuminating podcasts, hear leading Social Scientists present their perspectives on how our social world is created.

From inequality to cooperation, Social Science Bites sets out how social scientists work to understand people and how they behave. Amongst the luminaries featured in the series are Richard Sennett, Danny Dorling, Angela McRobbie and Stephen Pinker. Find the first podcasts now online at

Social Science Bites is brought to you by the team behind the enormously successful Philosophy Bites: Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds. The series is produced in association with SAGE – the world’s leading independent academic and professional publisher.

For more about the launch of Social Science Bites, a new podcast containing interviews with leading social scientists on different aspects of the social world, click here. The series is produced and presented by well known authors Nigel Warburton (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, The Open University) and David Edmonds (Senior Research Associate at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics) following the enormous success of their existing podcast series: Philosophy Bites, which has had more than 13 million downloads.

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