Devine Women – When God was a Girl

A new BBC/Open University production: Devine Women aired on BBC2 last night. In this provocative new series, Bettany Hughes tells the stories of the extraordinary women whose legends and lives cast new light on some of the hottest arguments about the role of women in religion today. And drawing on cutting edge scholarship and archaeological evidence, she reveals what her favourite women in religion tell us about the lives of the real flesh and blood women of their day.

Episode 1 of 3 starts with the question Why did our ancestors think of the divine as female?
In this episode, Bettany Hughes visits the world’s oldest religious site to uncover the startling evidence that women were present at the very birth of organised religion.

Find out more about the series and other episodes in the OpenLearn main series page.

If you missed this episode, watch it on iPlayer.

Read more about the programme on the OpenLearn site: Episode One: When God was a Girl and Join the debate in our Discussion Hub.

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