‘Symphony’ wins ‘Best Partnership’ award at the BBC Audio & Music Awards

Symphony won the award for ‘Best Partnership’ at the BBC Audio & Music Awards, held at New Broadcasting House on 13 March. The series, presented by Simon Russell Beale, was produced as a collaboration between BBC4 television, the Open University’s Music Department and Open Media Unit, BBC Orchestras, Radio 3, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra Learning division.

The judges of the awards specifically praised the intellectual depth and challenge of the series, and in her acceptance speech Helen Mansfield, the Executive Producer, thanked the Music Department for its involvement.

The lead academic in the partnership was Dr Robert Samuels, and the associated material on OpenLearn also features essays by Dr Ben Winters and Dr Fiona Richards, which accompany each episode. John Sinton was the Broadcast Project Manager.

The series Symphony is currently being re-broadcast on BBC4 TV on Fridays and Saturdays, with the previous week’s episodes available on the BBC iPlayer.

LtoR: Helen Mansfield (BBC4), Jessica Isaacs (Radio 3), Michael Ledger (BBC4), Robert Samuels (OU) and Paul Hughes (BBC SO) receiving the award



Go deeper into the music and unravel the secrets of the Symphony with The Open University: OU on the BBC: Symphony is a four-part series which explores the most exalted and influential idea in Western Classical music and, for the first time, demonstrated the surprising way in which it has shaped us and our modern world. Presented by Simon Russell Beale, you can read more about the episodes on the BBC’s Symphony pages.

If you’ve got a passion for music, you can find out about The Open University’s BA Humanities degree with Music here.

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